About Us

About Us

A Family Business

Melka Caterers launched in 2014 with recipes passed down from three generations.

A catering day for the team can be adventurous, starting with early morning trips to the butcher and deliveries from suppliers for fresh ingredients. Mum (Yamuna) freshly grinds herbs and spices for each order before spending the day cooking with the team.

The decor team (Dad & some helping hands) arrives at the venue 2-4 hours early to prepare the venue. This can include setting up of decorated buffets, to guest tables with ceramic plates silver ware and drinking glasses.


While all is calm at the venue and final touches are are being put in place for decorations, it’s quite common to receive a call from the kitchen (Mum), for an update about the meal preparations. News is usually quite good, however it is common to do a midday shopping trip for a final round of short ingredients (mainly desserts related)

Your guests will be greeted by our team, with welcome drinks as they step foot into the decorated venue for the first time. While all is calm front of house, the kitchen is very busy at this stage, dishing entrés for each table and bringing them out.

Buffet is usually open for 1hr 30mins, your guests will quickly move through the strategically prepared buffet table configuration (up to 4 buffet lines for large events). Through out your dinner, our catering team will be topping up chaffers, with Sri Lankan food, prepared only hours before hand, allowing guests to eat as much as they desire.

As dinner is coming to an end, plates are collected and desserts are opened. Based on your desire this could be served to guests on plates or be served in a dessert bar. It’s about 10:30pm at this stage and most of our team is secretly looking forward to the night coming to an end.

Tea & Coffee table is opened for guests while our team hits it’s busiest peak in the kitchen; trolleys full of plates roll in, the dishwasher on full blast and about a team of 5 are frantically packing away equipment (including plates, knives & forks for up to 400 guests) and loading the van(s). All while guests are enjoying the the last hour of their night saying final goodbyes.

The night for us ends anywhere between 11pm and 4am, Gamini, Yamuna (mum & dad), Sandali and Dushala (daughter and son), around the kitchen at home with Mc Donalds take away (yes absurd, caterers that end up with take away at the end of the night), discussing the positives of the project and room for improvement or sometimes in a huge argument about something small…. (really depends on Yamuna or Dushala’s mood)